Individual Entries

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 sections

25 $

7, 8, 9  sections

35 $

10, 11 or all 12 sections

45 $

Group Entries

5 authors – 15% discount
6 – 10 authors – 20% discount
Over 10 authors– 25% discount


Note: Group entries refer to photo clubs, associations and other photo organizations. In order to get the special group entry fee offer, the group secretary should send member list to info@odessosphoto.org before the registration of each member. Each group member should register individually, and upload images in his personal profile (entering identical postal address for catalog shipping for all group members is mandatory!) The organizer would send a general invoice to the group secretary, which once paid, status would be automatically reflected as ‘paid’ in all member profiles.

  • Entries for which no or no complete payment has been received will not be judged. The entry fee is not refundable.

Once payment received, the payment status in your profile would be updated.


If for some reason you are not able to make payment – please contact us info@fotosalonvarna.org and we will find a solution.


Entry fee payment could be made with credit/debit cards through PayPal (even without registration). Each participant would be redirected to PayPal website for payment during entry registration process.


Bank Details:
Unicredit Bulbank
IBAN BG79 UNCR 7000 1521 3982 52
Odessos Colour 2008 Ltd

Participants should keep in mind that in case of bank transfer, they should add 10$ to the entry fee to cover bank commission.

The participation fee can be paid IN DOLARS with Western Union on the following info:
Name: Violeta Dragneva
Address: 28, Tsonyo Todorov Str.
City: Varna 9009
Country: Bulgaria
Mobile phone: +359882123466


Skrill payment
Skrill account :
(ID : 45580631)